How to feed Devons of different age?

Dear friends, I need an advise: my Timmy is almost 8 months old, and Nikki is 12 weeks old, and I am not sure how to feed them, they need different schedule and different amount of food. As far as I know, Timmy, who is slightly overweight, needs to be feed twice a day, and Nikki, as a little kitten, needs food at least 4 times a day. What is your experience with kittens of different age? How much and how often to feed and how to separate their food? They are both on 'Life Abundance' premium food which is suitable for cats of any age. Thank you in advance!

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Comment by Joy on December 9, 2013 at 4:59

Some-one I know who has cats with different feeding needs feeds them in their cat carriers.

Comment by Em Kater on December 11, 2013 at 22:42
There seems to be so many different views on what/how much/how often to feed cats, it gets so daunting. I don't know about Life Abundance cat food, so the following info on how I feed my guys is probably not useful, but just in case it is of any help...

Quantity - I think it depends on what you feed (raw, wet or dry). As I understand it, the feeding guide for raw feeding is 3-5% of body weight. I feed my guys a mix of frankenprey (raw meat, bones, liver, heart) & Ziwipeak. My guys are 2 years old & they get about 140g per meal, twice daily (although slightly more when ziwipeak is added). Note - that's probably too much because they always leave some.

Frequency - my vet advised me it's usually 3-4x a day (up to 3 months old), 2-3x a day (up to 6 months old) and 1x a day thereafter. I haven't followed that advice. I just worry their tummies are small & so they need smaller (more frequent meals) but I'm probably just being paranoid. I fed my cats 4x a day (up to 6 months old), 3x a day (up to about 1.5 years) and now 2x a day (they're now 2 years old), although the male sometimes gets a midday snack because he's a guts :-). The female won't eat lunch & only wants feeding twice a day.

Feeding cats with different requirements (diff. ages) - wow, that's such a tough one. I think the tip on feeding them in carriers is a very good one!! Although my cats are the same age/ on the same diet, Zaff (the male) is dominant & used to (sometimes) take Trilly's (the female's) food. I tried shutting Zaff in a different room to let Trilly eat (first or second) but he'd throw himself at the door & she'd stand at the door & refuse to eat until he was let back in. So I resorted to just feeding them more than they can eat, on different sides of the room. I was told you can't overfeed raw food (ie they'll only eat what they need) which I think is true (I think my guys have a bit of a paunch but I think it's only bc I'm too liberal with the after-dinner treats). I think, If the food has any carbs in it then over-feeding is a no no.

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