I was just wondering if anyone knows what might be causing this, she eats, drinks and toilets fine. She is happy and playful when awake, and sleeps a lot, but I think that's probably normal (she's 17 weeks).
A few minutes after eating wet food her whole body shivers. I usually pick her up and wrap her in a blanket and then it stops. Then she seems fine!
Has anyone got any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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My kitten does the same thing sometimes.  I think he is just really excited about eating his dinner that he gets over excited. I wouldn't stress but if you are really worried maybe a vet check up is in order.

Hmm I have never seen this and I don't know the answer. It's a good question to post. I agree to check with a vet. If she stops shaking when wrapped in a blanket...maybe she gets cold for some reason after eating?? I have no idea and hope everything is ok and you get answers soon.

I have bred a few kittens that have done this.

I don't know why it happens but don't worry, I'm sure she will grow out of it.  

Thanks everyone. It wouldn't be the first time I was worrying too much!!

I'll keep an eye on things and consider a trip to the vets if she has any other symptoms.

So glad I found this site!!

Hi Isabel,


I have had that happen to one of my kittens too. I noticed it when  started bottle feeding him when his mum didn't have enough milk. After he started eating solids, it happened right after he ate a full meat-meal. I would put him to my chest under my clothes or if I had to leave, put him on a kittensafe heatpad and covered him up with a blanket. It just stopped at about 6/7 months of age. He still lives with me and still loves to pur underneath my sweaters...

I guess it's just of matter of using up the necessary energy to digest the food, which deprives the body of the energy needed to keep warm.  He was quite bald. Is your kitten too?




Marjan Boonen




Thanks Marjan,

I also put her under my dressing gown whenever she shivers, and if she has a choice that's where she would be all day! She only shivers for a minute or two and then she warms up/stops shivering. It also only happens after eating wet food - I give her almo nature kitten meat - but not after she has eaten kibble - which she snacks on all day.
She isn't particularly bald, I attempted to put some pictures of her on my profile - hopefully you can see them. Let me know if not.
Thanks again everyone.

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